6 Responses to “INFERNÖH”

  1. hi guys,

    this is jakob from austria writing, i hope you’re doing well these days.. i just found out about your new band on some crappy messageboard and now loved the music on your blog.. now i was just wondering if you’ve already something out on tape / wax / cd? i’d love to get my hands on this.. any plans about this? please get in touch sometime! my email:

    thanx in advance,
    best wishes from austria,

  2. hey pancho & company, here´s the review on

    mirek / phobia records / / fear of extinction

  3. Hi guys, I’ve just written a review of War Tjard on my blog in the UK and I wanted to send you the link – I hope it’s okay and please let me know what you think. Thanks. James. Stay Ahead.

  4. “Chaos in tejas” will fucking RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Been digging your music a ton. Real punk rock finally.

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